SMSR Gear Box


Developed to bring down speed pressure from motors, Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer - SMSR gearbox is a compact machine with a hollow output that is highly used in belt-driven systems. Supported by a shaft and torque arm management or motor-mounted frame, these gearboxes are mounted directly on the input shaft of the machinery. With such traits, Prakash Engineering & Gear, an SMSR gearbox manufacturer in India, ultimately aims to eliminate the need for support structures, chains, sprockets, couplings, and bedplates.

The SMSR machine is equipped with a power source and a power transmission system, providing control over the application of energy. As an SMSR gearbox manufacturer, our gearboxes are generally used in conveyors, road construction, special purpose machines, textile machines, and wherever an adoption of rotational speed and torque is required.

This is because such heavy engines need relatively high rotational speed to operate, which puts pressure on the engine while starting, stopping, or changing speed. Therefore, the transmission system controls the engine speed while increasing torque to overcome turning resistance.

Features of SMSR Gearbox

  • As an advanced SMSR gearbox manufacturer in India, we design compact gearboxes that minimize alignment problems.
  • Shaft mount reducers save space.
  • It’s easy to install without the requirement of shaft keys
  • With flexible motors, mounting is possible in various positions
  • Made with alloy steel, SMSR gearboxes deliver excellent performance in the harshest conditions
  • It’s equipped with hard and ground helical gears
  • It’s supplied with accessories such as a torque arm, hub covers, and puller ring.
  • As a responsible SMSR gearbox manufacturer, we commit high quality; our machine is relatively less noisy than other gearboxes.
  • Heavier design and build leads to higher durability of bearing and gears
  • It lowers the chances of leakage and drive failures due to grease-purged seals on high-speed shafts
  • Corrosion-resistant torque arm and double lip oil seals are supplied with every gearbox

At Prakash Engineering & Gear Co., we are a leading SMSR gearbox manufacturer aiming to provide high-quality gearboxes equipped with excellent accessories to ease the operations of your heavy belt-driven systems.