NU Gear Box

Nu Gearbox Manufacturers

What is NU Gearbox?

A device that consists of a threaded shaft (a worm) that mates with a gearwheel (the worm wheel) to transfer that rotary motion between two rods at right angles to each other. An NU gearbox works with precision in its specified application. A Nu gearbox comes in several designs, sizes, and specifications to fulfill user-specific requirements. This type of worm gearbox is especially required where there is a need for high efficiency and reliability.

The worm reduction gearbox is available with a single reduction ratio from 5:1 to 70:1 as standard. The product is available with strategically designed blades for sufficient dissemination of heat generated. Subjected to the limitation of 90°C temperature under full load, the MEW NU series Gearbox will provide a minimum life of 20,000/- hrs. The gear requires no attention except checking the oil level once every fortnight.