Idler Roller

Conveyor Idler Roller Manufacturers

Idler Roller, also known as a conveyor roller, is a cylindrical bar important for conveyor belts. We are one of the prominent conveyor roller manufacturers in India, providing superior quality roller that makes it suitable for various material handling applications, most importantly, supporting the loaded conveyor belts to ease material movement between locations.

They are capable of self-aligning and assisting in the maintenance of tracking belts and are generally positioned inside a metal frame to be known as idler sets. It is possible to customize them based on the application’s requirements and specifications.

Idler Roller comes in different types and those types are further used in several processes depending upon the material type, specific material gravity, and lump size.

Types of Idler Roller

Being one of the prime idler roller manufacturers in India, we have designed different types of idler rollers to be used across heavy or light material handling applications.

  • Gravity Conveyors

    Leading the race of best conveyor idler roller manufacturers, we designed this with a focus on comfort and efficiency in the working environment. Gravity conveyors are an economical solution to handle moving materials. These roller conveyors can transport products from one location to another without the usage of motor power sources. To handle the material load, an operator can either push it along the flat conveyor or down the incline.

  • Carrying Idler Roller

    Typically used as a conveyor belt’s support system, they are installed on groove shape frames, transition idler frames, and groove shape idler frames, all of which are inclined forward. As one of the best conveyor roller manufacturers, we provide you with superior bearing quality and multi-labyrinth sealing that ensures great performance.

  • Impact Idler Roller

    Just like its name, this roller is here to leave a strong impact. Shock-absorbing materials with high-strength properties are used in roller coating, which ultimately minimizes the future probability of structural deformation.

  • Return Idler Roller

    This type of idler roller can ideally carry sticky materials that might affect the surface efficiency of the conveyor belt. Thus, it includes special rubber rings to remove scale build-up and secure the belt surface after prolonged usage.

  • Rubber Coated Idler Roller

    As one of the established conveyor idler roller manufacturers in India, we provide you rollers equipped with several features, one such is rubber coated idler roller. The high traits of this idler roller conveyor allow it to be used for handling materials with exposure to chemicals, water, or oil, at relatively higher temperatures.

  • Troughing Idler Roller Conveyor

    Placed underneath the conveyor belt, this roller acts as a transportation guide for materials on the conveyor. They use troughs to prevent loose materials from falling off accidentally.

  • Belt-Driven Drive Idler Roller

    This Idler roller conveyor is used across different projects and is commonly chosen because of its high speed to move around with various materials and less energy consumption.

Idler Roller Conveyor Features

As one of the renowned conveyor idler roller manufacturers, we aim to provide idler rollers equipped with numerous features and problem-solving applications. Some of them are;

  • Assembled in automated units
  • Sensor-based configuration for better performance
  • The platform includes a control system with various modules to control units selectively
  • The sensor-based motor activates automatically on load detection, eliminating the requirement for continuous operations

Idler Roller Conveyor Applications

Standing among the top Idler roller manufacturers in India, we focus highly on providing heavy-duty idler rollers that can withstand difficult applications in industries such as;

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Aerospace parts and assembling
  • Cement plants
  • Ceramic plants
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Labeling
  • Laminates
  • Logistics
  • Medical equipment
  • Mining
  • Paper
  • Packaging
  • Powder plants
  • Printing & Press
  • Salt plants
  • Sugar plants
  • Woodcraft

As a highly established manufacturer of idler roller conveyors, we are known to provide the finest products with high durability that can ease your robust industrial applications. The components, strength properties, and quality of the idler roller make it perfect for material handling activities.

Based on your industrial needs and product specifications, you can choose a perfect and economical idler roller from the best conveyor roller manufacturers, of course, Prakash Engineering & Gear Co.