Idler Roller

Conveyor Idler Roller Manufacturers

Idler rollers, or sometimes simply known as conveyor rollers, are cylindrical-shaped bars that run along and underneath a conveyor belt. There are many different types of idler rollers with varying functions.

Usually, idler rollers aid in the supporting of weight and impact of the materials being transported along the belt. They also assist in the smooth, continuous movement of the material along the belt.

Idler rollers can be self-aligning and assist in maintaining the belt tracking. Depending on the structure and shape of the conveyor belt, the rollers are usually positioned within a metal frame and are known as idler sets.

Idler rollers can be manufactured to suit almost any conveyor application. Some variables include bearing brand, bearing size, diameter or series, wall thickness, seal type and material type. Different variables can be selected and customised to suit your application’s standards and specifications.

Different idler rollers are used for various processes, and some determining factors could be material type, specific gravity of the material and lump size.