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Conveyor Belt Roller Manufacturers

Prakash Engineering & Gear Co. has unique expertise in manufacturing conveyors and conveyor belts. We have an outstanding experience in manufacturing conveyors. Not only do we manufacture quality conveyors, but we also offer excellent after-sales service. Prakash Engineering has been successfully used for decades for various tasks in fossil-fired power plants. So if you’ve been searching for top conveyor belt roller manufacturers, reach out.

In each case, our specialists select from RUD's flexible modular components the optimum system for the conveying application. The result is long-lasting, low-maintenance conveyor systems that perform successfully worldwide under conditions with the highest wear resistance and mechanical strength demands. This makes us one of the industry's best conveyor belt roller manufacturers.

Conveyor Belt Roller System Types

We claim to be among the best conveyor belt roller manufacturers since we have a smooth conveyor system. A conveyor system basically transports products, supplies, equipment and parts used in manufacturing. There are several types of conveyor belt rollers and one can even find some conveyor belt rollers for sale.

Gravity Conveyor Belt Rollers

A gravity roller conveyor is the most basic of the many conveyor belt rollers. It consists of a frame containing free-rotating rollers and uses gravity to move the material down the line.

Belt-driven conveyor belt rollers

All conveyor belt manufacturers in India would have this conveyor belt roller. The belt-driven roller powers each roller with a motorized belt, enabling the Conveyor to control the movement of materials to be delivered.

Chain-Driven Conveyor Belt Rollers

A chain-driven roller conveyor is similar to a belt-driven one except that instead of belts, a chain is used to power each roller. Many conveyor belt manufacturers in Ahmedabad offer this type of conveyor belt roller.

Mobile/Portable Conveyor

While we're known as one of the best conveyor belt roller manufacturers, we also offer different types of mobile conveyors powered by steerable axle units. The axle units are provided with floatation tires and an operator cabin for ease of the user. One can quickly assemble these mobile conveyors at a compatible height and width per the demand of the situation and environment.

Since Prakash Engineering Gear & Co. is one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Ahmedabad, we offer you quality products and exceptional customer experience. Among the many conveyor belt roller manufacturers in the market, we stand unique. We’re just a call away if you wish to know why.